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Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Spine

Constant muscle tension, a slumped posture & a lack of mobility have become the status quo.

  • most people are embarrassed by their lack of mobility

  • poor posture determines how people perceive you & how you perceive yourself

  • people are living their lives with constant (preventable) bodily discomfort

  • people are living their lives with constant muscle tension

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Your posture reflects your neurology

A slumped posture is a sign that you currently have diminished spinal 'proprioception'.

This means your brain doesn't have an accurate understanding of where your spine is, or how to properly control it.

A slumped posture also contributes to:

  • diminished self-confidence

  • decreased energy levels

  • increased headache frequency

  • early joint deterioration in spine

Course Review

Kind words from previous participants.

ATS has been a game changer for my spinal health. The exercises are accessible and effective, and Ryan is a knowledgeable and supportive teacher. Highly recommended!


Ryan is an incredible teacher and space holder. His sessions leave me feeling grounded and inspired. Highly recommended!


Ryan's knowledge of the spine is exceptional. His spinal waves have transformed my practice and improved my quality of life. Highly recommended!


Ryan is an amazing teacher and space holder. His sessions are always grounded and transformative. Highly recommended!


ATS has been instrumental in improving my spinal health. The exercises are easy to follow and effective, and Ryan is a knowledgeable and supportive teacher. Highly recommended!


Ryan is a gifted teacher with a deep understanding of the spine. His spinal waves have improved my practice and overall well-being. Highly recommended!


ATS has been transformative for my spine health. The exercises are manageable and effective, and Ryan is an incredible teacher who truly cares about his students.


ATS helped me bring awareness to my spine during movement. The exercises lengthened my spine and were manageable for busy people. Ryan was supportive and caring.


Ryan's knowledge of the spine is unparalleled. His spinal wave exercises transformed my practice and quality of life. I recommend him!


I found ATS to be so helpful to learn how to bring awareness to each segment of my spine during movement. The exercises have been so helpful to lengthen my spine and also make sure I am moving it in all directions every day. The content was easy to follow and manageable even for busy people. Ryan was so supportive during the whole process and truly cares about everyone on the program. Thanks so much


Ryan's knowledge and intuition about the spine is absolutely unparalleled. I consider him a thought leader and competent teacher on the subject. His exercises, for example, spinal waves have transformed both my yoga and martial arts practice as well as just generally improved the quality of my life. I can wholeheartedly recommend him!


Ryan is an incredible space holder and leader with eons of wisdom weaved throughout his offerings. I always feel deeply grounded and wholly embodied after one of Ryan’s sessions.


ATS has been a game changer for my spinal health. The exercises are accessible and effective, and Ryan is a knowledgeable and supportive teacher. Highly recommended!


The ability to walk in full stature and not feel the urge to shrink in the world is a most beautiful, and rare thing.

Dr. Ryan Henson

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Course curriculum

Every week you will get foundational teaching packed with easy to follow exercises.

Week 1: Awaken The Spine

The first week is all about awaken the neurology of your spine. Understanding how it works, why it's so important and giving you exercises for pelvic work.

Week 2: Spinal Articulation & Proprioception

This could also be called the "Spinal wave week". You will learn how to be more mindful about every part of your spine. I will equip you with the tools you need to create that supple spine you always wanted.

Week 3: Maximise Your Life Through Your Posture

In week three, you will learn everything about posture. In our sedentary lifestyle this is huge and can not be emphasised enough. I will also introduce you to spinal circles, which are not only a cool dance move but a very good exercises for your posture.

Week 4: Ancient Wisdom of The Spine

We will reflect on what we've learned and widen your horizon by introducing you to yogic and taoist philosophies of the spine. Why did they believe the spine is sacred?

Discover the possibilities of your spine

Enrol today and experience the benefits of a healthy spine.

You'll have personal and group support

Weekly philosophy talk

Each week I'll be explaining a new and important piece of philosophy regarding spinal proprioception, articulation, ancient philosophies of the spine and postural effects.

Weekly Exercises

Each week I'll be sharing new exercises that will help to increase your capacity for spinal proprioception, and help to build thousands of new neural connections between your brain and spine.

Group support

A group chat will be set up prior to the start of the course, so that everyone has the group support necessary to fully engage and connect with the work.

Weekly 1:1 Access

Each week there is an opportunity to send through your own video of that week's exercise and have it reviewed and receive feedback from Dr. Ryan. If extra support is needed a 1:1 video call can also be arranged.

Weekly Zoom Calls

Want more support and ask your questions live? Weekly zoom calls give you the opportunity to engage and learn with the community during your course.

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Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Dr. Ryan Henson (M. Chiro). The human spine fascinates me. I spend most of my time traveling the world offering chiropractic services to people I meet.

My focus for you

Since reading on the importance of spinal proprioception, posture, and self-perception I have made it my mission to make it more accessible and comprehensive to the people I meet.

Why I made this program

In all those years, I never found a rehabilitation program that I believe truly addressed the underlying issues at play in the most efficient ways possible.