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Curiosity In Motion

A community organization dedicated to the Investigation of self through movement.

"I was in that sort of mood where life was just something I was doing. You know? There was no pop, no zazz, no zest.. and then I tuned into my body, and as I shifted my awareness inwards, my body became aware of it's own existence.. I could feel my heart dancing to it's own rhythm and my lungs just breathing it all in - it felt like a coming home party, and in essence it was.  I looked around the same room which had only moments ago lacked pop , zazz and zest, and now it was exploding with colour, with Curiosity. Life was no longer something I was doing, I realized that Life is something that I Am. That is what embodiment is all about, that is what Curiosity In Motion is designed to facilitate."

Ryan Henson (BSc Chiro, RMT, RSME, RYT)

Ryan Henson is the creator of Curiosity In Motion.

Ryan is an internationally certified Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapist, a registered Somatic Movement Educator. a 500 hour certified yoga teacher, and a certified Embodied Flow facilitator.

Additionally he holds a bachelors degree in Chiropractic Science from Macquarie University, and is currently studying his Masters Degree in Chiropractic.

Embodied Flow
Somatic Movement Therapy

Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy consists of a wide variety of therapeutic techniques, all of which serve to align body and mind for the purpose of facilitating individuals towards a life that is more deeply felt, more deeply experienced and ultimately, more deeply lived.

EFSMT is a holistic, integrative blend of body work, somatic psychology, movement education and expressive arts that help to facilitate and support positive change.



One-on-One Yoga

These one-on-one sessions will be a unique and informative experience for anyone that is interested in enhancing their 'felt-sense' body awareness.

These sessions will be run with a greater emphasis on embodiment exploration, as well as traditional yogic practices such as kriyas and pranayama.


Nature Connection/ Mentoring

These sessions have been developed for boys/ young men that are navigating the transition into manhood. These sessions are a blend of nature connection skills and human movement practices.


The overall goal of these sessions is to provide support, facilitate feelings of connection with the natural world and increase self-esteem and self-confidence through embodiment practices. 

Dr. Paula Bernadic
psychologist, founder of pb success

"Ryan's movement therapy sessions are incredible! I recently had a session with Ryan and it completely shifted the trajectory that I was travelling... I learnt a  lot about myself that day, behavioural tendencies and perspectives that have held me back my entire life. And to learn these things through movement and play, who would've thought?!"

Dr. Kirstie missenden

Psychologist, Founder of Be Free Psychology

"Ryan is extremely empathic and compassionate and holds a safe, non-judgemental space in which one can feel truly heard, held and healed. His ability to see each person in their wholeness allows him to tailor his work to address their requirements. I have worked with Ryan across many modalities and cannot recommend him highly enough!"