Curiosity in Motion offers spinal coaching and courses that make you and your Spine happy.

Every since I was a teenager my interest has been to understand the inner workings of the body and mind. To understand how we can best thrive in the skin we’re in. This curiosity is what guided me to become the person I am today.

Curiosity is the underlining theme of my life.

Formally I’m a doctor of chiropractic, a somatic movement therapist, educator and yoga teacher. But friends call me "The Spine Guy".

I’m fascinated with the human spine

Through my formal studies and self-practice I have learnt tools and exercises that have allowed me to help thousands of people throughout the world. I help people by teaching them tools to get out of pain, improve their posture, develop greater self-knowledge, confidence and reduce their likelihood of future injury.

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My values


Assumptions and preferences are not enough. Our approach and practice is research based to the core.


You are a human being that moves and lives, with emotions and connections. So are we.


Our services need to lead to a more enjoyable future. They are a means to an end.


Knowledge helps us to prevent injuries and long term effects. That is why we always explain what we practice.

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