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Curiosity In Motion

Curiosity In Motion is an invitation to approach this Life with the curiosity of a child.
It is an invitation to unwrap the layers of your Self in much the same way one opens a gift, with a sense of possibility.
Curiosity In Motion acts as a platform for the investigation of all that is 'Self', as well as for the exploration of one's connection to the Universe. This is offered through various modalities, including:

- Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy

- Embodied Flow Yoga

- Workshops

- Youth Mentoring (nature connection)

Curiosity In Motion began in 2016 as an initiative to create a safe space for people to express themselves through free-form movement/ dance. Since then it has been constantly evolving to include new and exciting offerings!

Ryan Henson

Facilitator of the awakening arts/ body-mind therapist

Creator of Curiosity In Motion


- Internationally certified Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapist

- Registered Somatic Movement Educator

- 500h RYS certified Yoga Teacher

- certified Embodied Flow facilitator

Additionally, Ryan holds a bachelors degree in Chiropractic Science from Macquarie University, and is currently in his final year of a Masters degree in Chiropractic.

In Ryan's Words

Curiosity has always been a huge driving force for me. Ever since I was a child I have wanted to see the world from as many different perspectives as possible. Life became really interesting when curiosity led me into exploring the limits of human potential, and to investigate what is beyond even that. 

The embodied experience of one’s Self opens up a whole other universe of possibility, one that can only be experience and that words can never do justice to.
Curiosity and a desire to share this experience led me to want to share my work with others, and it brings me so much joy to do so!

Curiosity nurtured me into the person I am today, and all of the work I do is a manifestation of that same curiosity, It is simply ‘curiosity in motion’.